What is SMBhelp?

SMBhelp is a place where businesses and freelancers affected by the Coronavirus outbreak can find resources and tools to get practical solutions and information.  

This website is operated by Fiverr, a platform that connects businesses with freelancers online.

We hope that small businesses and freelancers facing uncertainty in times like these will find this website helpful for uncovering new ways to operate their business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The SMBhelp website was built by Fiverr, an online platform that connects businesses with freelancers. The aim of this website is to help small and medium businesses get access to online resources and services that they may need to get their business through the Coronavirus outbreak.

We want to provide free support and information from all around the web to make sure businesses have access to resources that allow them to face the new reality caused by the COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus).

As the Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, and more people are being instructed to spend less time in public places and more time at home, the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) increases. How dangerous is it really? Will it last through the summer? Will there be a vaccine soon? Governments, businesses, and individuals are trying to work out the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on their lives, and how they can help.

It is becoming increasingly clear that businesses around the world are likely to be impacted by these changes. While it’s hard to predict the long term impact of the Coronavirus outbreak, in the short term, businesses will have to think about moving the majority of their activity online. We hope businesses find this website helpful to find new ways to operate.

The SMBhelp website is for businesses and freelancers that feel affected by the CORVID 19 (aka Coronavirus) situation or that are concerned about being affected in the future.

SMBhelp is about supporting businesses at no cost. If you want to work with remote teams and freelancers, we’ll be happy to help you choose the right service for you. However, that’s not the main purpose of the #SMBhelp website. We’re here to provide you with guidance, tips, and tools on how to take more of your business online.

  • General information regarding the impact of the Coronavirus on businesses
  • Tips on how to take your business online, and if you’re already online – how to promote it
  • Links to products and tools offered by companies around the world as special deals to SMBs
  • Free courses donated by Fiverr
  • Access to a 24/7 customer service support team, happy to answer your questions and concerns about your business.

All the assistance we provide is absolutely free. That includes premium courses at no cost and for a limited time, consultation with Fiverr Pro freelancers, free offerings for SMBs by companies, free Coronavirus telehealth assessment, and information from around the world. We keep updating the website with more information and offers, so don’t hesitate to visit it again.

Absolutely not. This website is free and open to all businesses that feel affected by the situation or have concerns about being affected in the future. 

If you take one of the premium online courses we provide for free, you will be asked to freely register to FiverrLearn. This is only required to get access to the courses and comes without any obligations or hidden terms.